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Always in search of the big idea, I love to learn and solve problems. My dream is to get paid to do just that — solve problems by coming up with great ideas and taking them from mind to matter. After four years at LMO Advertising, one of Washington DC’s largest independent ad agencies, I recently complete a brief stint at Ketchum’s DC office learning the ins and outs of public relations. I’m currently a Senior Account Executive at Wunderman Thompson, where I leverage data and creativity to connect brands to their audiences.

Those who know me well call me Alix or Montes for short. I grew up in Miami, FL and found my knack for business while selling candy in high school. I also credit Miami for my chill attitude, hustle, and cultural competence. When I’m not putting in hours as at Wunderman, I can be found swimming, teaching/practicing yoga, traveling, and trying to build my entrepreneurial confidence. I am passionate about progress, especially that of Black men, and women. I believe that difficult takes a day, and impossible takes a week. Finally, like Elizabeth Taylor I firmly believe that success is a great deodorant.

Over the past few years, I’ve been writing for a few random places and I wanted to start a blog for a long time. After 3 years on the back burner, I had a conversation with a friend about an academic paper, Young, Restless, and Creative. The study found a positive correlation between the number of young people in leadership and the company’s openness to and capacity for innovation.

Young, Restless, and Creative borrows from this concept, but it’s also more than that. Some of the most successful people in many fields also happen to share these traits. They’re creative, forward thinking, and passionate. Much of the content here will focus on people, events, brands, and movements at intersection of business, culture, and technology.

A. Montes

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